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Israel’s highly advanced know-how and vast experience has contributed to making it one of the world leaders in the field of agro-technology.

Kenes Professional Tours provides:

Tailor-made professional tours designed specifically for the needs of the clients. Tours include field visits, training and meetings, as well as lectures by top experts and professors.

Professional tour guides, who are leading experts in their fields, from the Center of Cooperation & Advancement.

Attractive priced professional tours – rates are set in accordance with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certifications issued at the conclusion of the tour, with a minimum of 4½ days of professional tours.

Touristic visits to world renowned historical landmarks with professional guides (Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and many more).


Kenes Professional Tours delivers an inside look into Israel’s innovative and diverse agricultural industry.
Topics include:

  • Irrigation & Fertilization: Find out firsthand about effective, customized technologies and methods geared toward increasing higher yields with minimal risks in both water and agricultural industries.
  • Precision Agriculture: Join us in an in-depth exploration of the use of high-tech methods and technologies resulting in better quality produce.
  • Postharvest Treatment: Focus on the handling stage of crop productions immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packaging, all aimed at maintaining the best quality at all times.
  • Greenhouses & Hydroponics: Visit sophisticated greenhouses & hydroponics that use indoor and outdoor state-of-the-art equipment to maximize production and profitability.
  • R&D Centers: World renowned R&D Centers focusing on Plant Science, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, and Postharvest and Food Science.
  • Dairy Farming: Explore solutions for the establishment and management of dairy farming projects, including solutions for design, construction, installation and supervision.
  • Aquaculture Farming: Take a close look at the comprehensive integrated aquaculture solutions for the entire fish production cycle.


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